Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Quilting with friends helps productivity!

My friend Claire came over this morning to sew and we both seem to get so much done when we are together!  She's so creative.  Today she spent the morning trying to assemble a donation quilt out of scraps she got.  Me?  I need a pattern.

here's my Marvelous Monday Mini... I can whip up a 4" block with a problem!!  VBG

I am actually repurposing some of the strips from the Primitive Gatherings SBOW.  I can't quite figure out their system so I'm using my own stash...Isn't it fine to use whatever fabrics we want notwithstanding that they send a kit?? VBG

here is the block I made for this week, just still needing the half square triangles, which I've sewn but need to assemble.  I also need to sew down the wool.  

I also made the latest Triangle Gatherings block... up to date!  Claire brought over a pack of fabrics she got at Craftsy that looked perfect for this project so I went ahead and did a little online shopping and ordered a little more for these blocks.  I'm enjoying them.

When Claire was over last week she worked on the binding for a donation quilt that she had made.  This is another example of her making something out of her own head!  I think it's so great that someone can make a quilt without a pattern.  I am not one of those people.  It's not better --just different!

Nothing fancy but awesome. Impressive, don't you think??

Monday, June 19, 2017

And the winner is.....

JANE!!  Please send me your address (

Thanks to everyone who commented and wanted some scraps.  I Loved everyone's comments.  I think using someone else's scraps is always so exciting!!  I am also sending packages out to a couple of other people, who know already.

I have done a little sewing this past week.  I did get the first block of the Summer Block of the Week done...  It's a little disappointing to me (in all honesty) that they did not include the two little triangle papers for the outside borders.  And they also didn't include enough fabric for the strips (I  of course have plenty.  But not everyone does).  And, to top it off, the fabric for the second week's freebie was insufficient (one piece was too small).  I honestly think that if you're charging people, the kits should be right.  This is probably the last time I will do their summer sew alongs.  Anyway, it's an adorable block and I think the quilt will be wonderful!

And I did two more triangle gathering blocks:

And, the best news is that I finished Part 1 of the Mountmellick quilt I've been working on!  WOOHOO!!

Here's a close up of one corner:

I was able to find the border stripe fabric from Cyndi at Busy Thimble in Maine (thanks so much, Cyndi!  Can't wait to get back to the shop next month!!).  Isn't it wonderful?  The rest of the fabrics are just from my stash; although the bird in the center was cut from some wonderful fabric that Will in Paris gave me.  She has such wonderful taste in fabric.  I always cherish her choices.

I love giveaways!  I love all the comments!  Thank you again for your interest!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Talk about classic spam!!!

I found this email in my spam folder.  It was too hysterical not to share with you.  I'm going to get right on it... yeah, right!!!
I guess there are people that buy this stuff.

I’m Mr.Ahmed Yaki,the new appointed Postman of Regular Mail Post Office branched at Cotonou Benin. I assumed this office on 6th, May, 2017. On going through the files of the previous records of this office, I discovered that there are six parcels containing ATM cards each one attached with an email address of the owner on it. The former appointee of this office (Alhaji Ahmed Musa Jr.) failed to carry out the delivery as it was instructed and programmed. Probably, one of his reasons for not carrying out the delivery was that you have not provided your postal address to him for the completion of the delivery as he remarked.

According to the content recorded in each file, the ATM card was deposited by one Senior Evangelist Mathew Peterson who died one year back as a charity foundation parcel to each of the six of you. On the statement he wrote on the list, he stated that each of the aforementioned ATM cards contains the sum of US$5,000,000.00 and he found your email contacts as reputable and capable persons that can use the charity awarded ATM Cards to change the lives of people.
Meanwhile, I've made the arrangement of posting the six parcels through Regular Mail Post Office to the six of you to your respective mailing addresses.

Am also sending the same message of the same content to six of you that own the six abandoned ATM CARDS each at the same time. If found in spam folder, it could be due to your Internet Service Provider, ISP. So move to your inbox before your reply.

I went to our head office at Cotonou Benin and reported the issue of the discovered six ATM cards in my office and they verified it and gave me the veto order to carry out the delivery immediately you reconfirm your mailing address to this office in order for us to mail the ATM CARD directly to you after Postal Stamp of the parcel. Note, below information is officially needed for posting of the ATM CARD ASAP.

1. Your Full name,________________
2. Your home Address,______________
3. Your current telephone number,______
4. A copy of your ID card,_____________
5. Your age/sex,____________________
6. Your country,____________________
7. Your occupation,__________________
8Your nearest air-port__________________

We shall post your ATM Card once you update us with the above info and you shall be given a tracking number, that is, the Track and Trace number of your parcel once it is posted to your mailing address, so as to enable you track your parcel to know exactly when it will arrive to your mailing address.

Remain blessed as I'll be looking forward to receiving your immediate response.

Tel:+229 689 46 891
Postman, Regular Mail Post Office Cotonou Benin

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Catching up, sort of--- and GIVEAWAY

I'm trying to catch up on my Triangle Gatherings, having fallen 6 blocks behind. That's what happens when you go on vacation!  I am certain that unless I catch up, it'll be fatal... I'll never catch up. vbg

Two more to go to catch up...

Then, as if I didn't have enough to do, I started the Temecula Marvelous Mini Monday little quilt. These are TINY!  The centers are 2";  the entire block is all of 4"

In another weak moment, I signed up for the Primitive Gatherings summer block of the month, with the little wool applique in the middle.  I made one block (mostly done) but I won't show you that until I have the center done.  And it comes with their freebie, which is a small wool applique block.  I need to sew those pieces down too.  I seem to have a lot of weak moments, don't ya think?

I did a little gardening and picked the gladiolas that we planted this year.  I also came home to these gorgeous roses.  Mind you, I spend very little time in the garden for obvious reasons (I'm either babysitting or I'm out of town, right??).  So these are the miracle children of my garden!

The colors are spectacular, I think!

Now for a giveaway!!  I really do need to reduce the amount of quilting supplies I have since I'm truly never going to get to use all of them.  So today I think I'll give away a box of scraps!  I use only quilt-store quality fabrics and they vary between mostly civil war reproductions and brights.  Kind of an eclectic mix. Large pieces, too. I'm happy to share them with you.  Please, I'd prefer just to the US.  The postage to Europe and Canada is prohibitive!

Send me a comment on what you like to do with scraps and I'll pick a name on Sunday!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

yummy fabrics

I promised that I'd show you what I bought at the quilt shop in Lihue last week as well as my pillow case fabrics for the kids!!

These are the fabrics I bought.  Do you remember last year when I made the quilt for the auction and used some Santa fabric that was x-rated?? Well, I couldn't resist buying another variety.  This time it is definitely G-rated! :-)

I've yet to decide what I'll do with these fabrics.  Because the prints are so large, they lend themselves to quilts with larger pieces.

And here are the pillow case fabrics.

I think they will be fun for the kids.  I will probably work on them this week.  My friend Claire is coming over tomorrow morning to sew and maybe I'll do them then.  I have 6 triangle gatherings to get done, having fallen a little behind again!!!  Maybe one of these days I'll actually put something together.

In just a few weeks, we'll be getting ready for the Sisters Quilt Show in Oregon.  I'm very excited about it and the chance to spend days sewing together with friends!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

time for a little shopping

I took a quick trip into Lihue to shop at the wonderful LQS there.  Here is a sample of the fabulous fabrics they offer.  And, by the way, their Hawaiian fabrics  on the roll are $6.99/yd!!  Aren't they luscious???  

This is their outside front window!  Can you imagine doing all that appliqué?  Just gorgeous!  And the quilting?? Amazing!

I did manage to drop a little money on some more fabrics.  I decided to make pillowcases for my grandkids so brought three different fabrics.  I'll show you my purchases next!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

No sewing but oh-so-great family trip

My friend bought me this wonderful wallhanging while she was in Kauai last month and I just finally got a chance to see it.  I have yet to figure out where to hang it.  I feel just a tiny bit guilty buying something like this for such a ridiculously low price. I'm sure it was sewn by someone in China or some other very low paying economy.  But I'm maybe in some small way helping them out by buying it at all.

Here is everyone, after barbecuing fish on the grill.   These are the same kids my dh and I brought to Hawaii in March (we only brought two).  They do love Hawaii and the water!  Of course, what's not to love??!! Life's good!

I am hoping to sneak away to the quilt store in Lihue some time during the rest of our trip.  I also did bring a little hand sewing -- my hexies for the Mountmellick quilt I've been working on.

Monday, May 29, 2017

A little sewing and some gardening soothes the soul

I have been staring at my dead-head roses for weeks now and finally went out front and trimmed them.  Luckily, they weren't all dead!!  They even smelled as good as they looked.  

I did get a little sewing done, working on my Mount Mellick Di Ford project.  I am trying now to decide on the circles that go on the diamonds... Next up will be four hexagons in each corner;  then the border goes on.  I may add more flowers in the vase but I wanted to start with this.  Can you see my butterfly and bird???  Such a gorgeous quilt.  I didn't want it to be too busy which is why the center is not filled in.  It'll be easier to add items, I think once I get more of it onto the center piece.  Any ideas for colors for the little circles?  I'm thinking maybe green?  They will also be the centers for the four hexagons in the corners.

We did have a little visit from the youngest grandchild, Eli, who is now nearly 7 months.  My daughter in law's family from Dresden was visiting and we invited them over for an American barbecue.  Julia's grandmother had never had a hamburger;  her brother had never tried corn on the cob!  They were real troopers to try it all (along with the salami, cheese and beer I had, too!! vbg)

Saturday, May 27, 2017

No grandkids = what to do with myself????

This is the first weekend in a very long time that we don't have our grandkids and we are home.  It just seems so WEIRD!! vbg.

Anyway, my dh is outside butchering my trees (doing what he calls "trimming") and I'm trying to get a little sewing done.  I find I am in that "in-between" stage once again where I'm really stuck, trying to decide what to do.  This sew along has really been great for me, to keep me doing something on a regular basis!  Not a lot of other sewing going on, though.

I did catch up on my two Triangle Gatherings blocks I was due to make:

I actually picked up these fabrics in Bend last week.  Aren't they fun??

I did whip up another little bag... I just love these bags!  And they make great gifts! The colors didn't come out very well... it is primarily blues.

Now back to my ufos or maybe the quilts I've been printing out this past year. Moda Blockheads?  What colors??  Such problems!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fabulous little quilt show

I was able to make a quick trip up to our cabin this week in order to check on the progress of the repairs to our damages from the ice dam leaks over the winter.  What a mess.

Can't make a trip up to Bend without stopping into Quilt Works.  I especially wanted to get in to see the exhibit that Lori had organized showing all those fabulous quilts made last year under the theme Gwennie Inspired Medallions.  Great little quilts!

Here is the summary.  Each month, those taskmasters chose a theme for each round.  Here are the quilts that were in the show:

This is a close up of Wendy Reed's quilt.  Those of you who follow her  will know that she has a technique to hand quilt a small block and then sews the blocks together.  She did that on this quilt; although she also machine quilted one border; then went back to hand quilting for the outer border.  Such a great quilt, Wendy!

I loved all these quilts and am sorry that I didn't participate. I think that I felt a little intimidated at the time so was afraid that it'd be out of my abilities to come up with these themes.  So the lesson is don't be afraid.  I think I could've handled it!

This was a different part of their exhibit and I couldn't resist sharing this with you.  The quilt is amazing.  All the quilting by Julia Jeans was fabulous.  I particularly liked the story behind this quilt!  Plus it's an Edyta Sitar pattern!

Friday, May 19, 2017

A fun child's quilt

I pulled out a child's quilt to give away and thought I'd share it.  I made it a couple of years ago, using orphan kid blocks I made.  This is actually all my own design!  Obviously!  HEHEHE

close up:

It's a fun quilt and I'm hoping that the little boy I'm sending it to will enjoy it!

The good news is that I finally found my file with the pin cushion participants.  It literally took me TWO DAYS!! EEEK.  Now I'm still trying to find the water bottle I opened the other night and set down someplace.... vbg

Now on to winners of the giveaway:

Embroidery book:

Hearts book:

Please send me an email ( with your snail mail address and I'll get them out on Monday!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Two more triangle blocks and an OOPS

Thanks to Janet O. for carefully looking over my blocks and pointing out my mistake in block 27.. All fixed!!

I did get two more done!  Blocks 35 and 36!  I'm now officially up to date!  Of course, I haven't started the Moda Blockheads, the Buttermilk Basin mystery, the Count your Blessings,  the summer mystery blog hop, Cheri Payne's Baskets of Plenty, or the Piecing the Past blocks.  Oh, there's also the Canadian Women quilt.  I've printed all these patterns and hope to get to them SOON.  So many choices this year, don't ya think??

I also got the border sewn on to the large kit I bought last year, using the French General's very bright red and grays.  Not bad, right??  Sadly, the picture doesn't capture the vividness of the reds!  It's quite a striking color.  Of course, the quilt turned out a bit larger than I had thought. but oh to the machine quilter it's going, once I make the backing!

Amazing how much sewing I can get done when I don't have any distractions!!

Now to find my file with everyone's names from the pin cushion swap... I know I put it somewhere... @#$@#$#$